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Powerflush in Essex - Central Heating Sludge Removal

Restore your radiators and make the system more efficient!

A powerflush will make your home warmer and more efficient by removing cold spots formed by debris, metals and sludge sitting inside your radiators.

Please select how many radiators:

Price: £243.00

If you have more than 18 radiators - Please request a quote.

MagnaClean magnetic debris filter & installation - Price: £120

MagnaClean Professional

Protects the boiler and central heating by capturing debris with a powerful magnet.

Powerflushing central heating pipework, sludge return The above photo shows three hoses, green one is the drain, two transparent hoses showing black sludge being filtered out upon entering the boiler.

Sludge in a bucket
Bucket of sludge removed from radiators.